What does SEARCHLINE do?


Consulting, Prototypes, Patent / Trademark Searches, Patents, Copyrights, Marketing, Licensing


SEARCHLINE provides a full line of technical services to inventors and others:

• Professional and confidential consultation

• Confidentiality agreements to protect our clients' interests

• Advanced technical research in many fields

• Thorough evaluation of concepts and inventions

• Exhaustive patent and trademark searching worldwide

• Prototype construction and evaluation

• Filing and prosecution of both domestic and international patents.

• Licensing and securing royalties

• Unconventional searches with evaluations in all areas of science and technology


SEARCHLINE maintains and utilizes state of the art tools, and applies the talents needed to provide excellent searches and objectively evaluate each invention.

• More than 16,000 computerized databases

• Finest patent and technical libraries in the Midwest

• Full access to the Internet


SEARCHLINE retains the services of experts in many fields and draws on whatever talents are needed to thoroughly examine all inventions. A partial list includes:

• Mechanics

• Chemistry

• Biochemistry

• Biomedicine

• Environmental Sciences

• Computer Science