SEARCHLINE, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Ronald J. Scheidelman Ph.D.
Dr. Scheidelman is the President of SEARCHLINE and is personally involved in all of the company's day to day business.


  • SEARCHLINE has worked with inventors for 39 years. We provide our services through a close-knit group of researchers, prototype developers, patent attorneys, venture capitalists, licensing experts and other associates.

  • We offer exceptionally fine, worldwide, comprehensive services for inventors. The services we offer cover all steps in the innovation process and extend from objective concept evaluation through exhaustive patent searching, product and marketing analysis, prototype development, patent filing and prosecution, culminating in licensing and marketing.

  • SEARCHLINE will not discuss an invention until a strict non-disclosure agreement is in force to protect the inventor’s best interests both now and in the future. (We strongly recommend that inventors secure such protection for themselves before revealing anything about their invention to any third party.)

  • We will consider offering our services to an inventor at any point in the innovation process, and then assist the inventor in completing the successful commercial development of their invention.

  • SEARCHLINE does not offer any unreal or fantasy results, we simply keep our commitments, and provide the inventor with our best efforts at each stage throughout the process. We believe that inventors should be in control of every decision that affects their invention. Our commitment to honesty and integrity demands that we critically evaluate an invention to help insure that undue time and money is not spent on it.

  • We provide professional and confidential consultation, perform exhaustive patent and trademark searching worldwide. Further we evaluate, construct and optimize prototypes, provide patent filing and prosecution, licensing and royalties.

  • SEARCHLINE maintains contacts and agents in many countries including, but not limited to:

    England, Germany, Netherlands,
    Japan, Singapore, Taiwan

  • We serve a wide variety of clients and our services have proven to be cost effective for both private individuals and large corporations including:

    IBM, Chemfarbe, Martin Marietta,
    United Airlines, Kraft General Foods,
    Link-Belt Construction Equipment Company